About the Live Matter printed portfolios series


Live Matter Is a series of twelve artists’ portfolios, a project which was started in 2005. The editor is Reed Altemus working under the aegis of his press Tonerworks. Each portfolio contains a series of six to ten works by one artist as signed and numbered 8 ½ x 11” prints in editions of 100 on 100% cotton acid free archival quality paper. Each portfolio also contains information about the conception of the project and contact information. The complete series is as follows:

Andrew Topel “Spheres”
Reid Wood “Bab(b)el-On”
Jim Leftwich “Haute Couture Death Texts”
Carol Stetser “Mappaemundi”
Carla Bertola “Inter-positions”
Luc Fierens “The World”
Daniel F. Bradley “Maybe Could You Please Return My City Now”
Zsuzsa Dardai “Wave-Land”
Steve Random “The Inverse Order of Alienation”
Brandstifter “Mantis Meets Fleischlego”
Vittore Baroni “Nagging Questions and Aphoristic Remarks”
Gustave Morin “Nein Typos”

The series has been collected by The Ruth and Marvin Sackner Archive of Concrete and Visual Poetry, The Archivio Conz (Verona Italy), The Ohio state University Avant Poetry Collection, and the Poetry Collection State University of New York, Buffalo. The portfolios are $12US postpaid each available from:

P.O.BOX 52
04112 USA

FOR MORE INFORMATION: raltemus@gwi.net